Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Experimental study on effect of overload on the fatigue crack growth rate and the crack initiation in AM magnesium alloy    M.Sc.    Abbaszade Hashemi, Sina    2017-12-04
2    Analysis and modeling of damage mechanicsm and statistical investigation on bending fatigue of metal-composite adhesively bonded lap joint    Ph.D    Zamani, Pedram    2017-04-12
3    Experimental and numerical investigation on fatigue strength of adhesive joints in Aluminum plates    M.Sc.    mahdian, mohamad    2016-09-26
4    An investigation on influence of preparation design parameters for the first maxillary premolar with all-ceramic restoration using finite element method    M.Sc.    Maghami, Ebrahim    2016-09-19
5    Analysis of Local and Global Ratcheting Behavior of AISI 1045 Steel specimens with cutout    Ph.D    kolasangiani, kamal    2016-09-15
6    Numerical analysis of mechanical strength in orthopedic locking compression plates    M.Sc.    mohajerzadeh, seyed saenoddin    2016-07-04
7    Numerical Analysis of Spalling Phenomenon on Spur Gear Tooth by Means of Experimental Results of Crack Growth    Ph.D    heirani, hasan    2016-06-25
8    Three-dimensional Analysis of Rolling Contact Fatigue Crack and Life Prediction in Railway Wheels and Rails under Residual Stresses and Wear    Ph.D    Masoudinejad, Reza    2016-02-20
9    an investigation of stress intensity factor in different load spectrums by simulation approach    M.Sc.    saeedi, amirhossein    2015-11-02
10    investigation of fatigue life in Coach peel riveted joints    M.Sc.    Moslemi, Mohammad Hadi    2015-09-17
11    Study on dimensional tolerance effect on stress intensity factors and fatigue life in aluminum 2024 alloy riveted single lap joint    M.Sc.    arianfard, sohrab    2015-09-14
12    Effects of overload on fatigue crack growth in CT specimen made of 2024 aluminum alloy    M.Sc.    khorrami, mohammad reza    2015-02-02
13    On failure assessment of compressor jet engine disc using energy method    M.Sc.    ghorbani, mehrdad    2014-05-19
14    Analysis of stress and fatigue in wind turbine blade and root    M.Sc.    mousavi, seyed abolhasan    2014-05-19
15    Survey on the life of the pride forging dies as the result of Wear    M.Sc.    kharghani, mohammad reza    2014-04-07
16    Experimental- numerical and statistical fatigue analysis of CAD/CAM dental ceramics restored on premolars    Ph.D    Homaei, Ehsan    2014-02-03
17    Determination of stress intensity factors by extracting the shearography frings in welded CT specimens under cyclic load    Ph.D    Ghahremani Moghadam, Danial    2013-02-02
18    fatigue evaluation of dental restoration bonds    M.Sc.    Barazandeh, Omid    2013-01-28
19    Estimation of fatigue life of riveted joints in Aircraft fuselage    M.Sc.    zamani, pedram    2013-01-14
20    slipery parameters of passenger tires investigation    M.Sc.    nadi, hossein    2012-12-03
21    Experimental and Statistical Investigation of Stochastic Fatigue Damage Behavior of Adhesive with TiO2 P25 Configuration    Ph.D    Akbarzadeh, Pooria    2012-06-07
22    Influence of combined impact and cyclic loading on the overall fatigue life of forged steel EA4T    Ph.D    malekzadeh, amir    2012-04-21
23    Stochastic analysis of residual stress field around a circular cold worked hole and its effect on fatigue life of Al2024    Ph.D    Pooladi Borj, Ehsan    2011-06-09
24    Effect Of Residual Stress On Stress Intensity Factor In Exprimental Speciments    M.Sc.    amirfakhrian, mohsen    2011-03-16
25    Evaluation of reliability and Mechanical system life under effect of repair and replacement of damage processing systems elements    M.Sc.    Rohani, Mohamad    2011-02-28
26    evaluating a damage model for composite adhesive joints    M.Sc.    Sepanloo, Peyman    2011-01-24
27    Investigating autofrettage effects on fatigue life in thick walled cylinder    Ph.D    Aliakbari, Karim    2010-11-11